AERA Regional at Hendricks Motorsports

On May 13, 2011 the AERA held its Regional Tech & Skills Conferences at the facilities of famed NASCAR Racing champions Hendricks Motorsports. If you couldn’t attend this outstanding event, below you will find a couple of video segments from conference — including an amazing demonstration of a complete engine build in less than 30 minutes.

Video 1: Conference Re-cap

This video, hosted by AERA president, John Goodman, is a montage of people and presentations from the May 13, 2011 AERA Regional Tech & Skills conference at Hendricks Motorsports in Charlotte, NC. (Total run time: 4:52)

Video 2: Engine Build in Under 30 Minutes

In this demonstrations from the May 13, 2011 AERA Regional Tech & Skills conference, the professionals at Hendricks Motorsports perform a complete engine build in just 26 minutes! (Total run time: 9:32)

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The AERA conducts Regional Tech & Skills conferences across North America a number of times a year. To learn about an upcoming event in your area, Click here.